Trolley & Buggy Policy

General Use
Members and visitors are welcome to use trolleys, motorised or otherwise, when the conditions of the course are suitable as has been deemed appropriate by the Green Keeping staff who will have sought advice from the Professional and/or Greens Chair.

When doing so, users are requested not to take their trolley:
* Onto the greens and tees
* Between a greenside bunker and the green
* Onto the fringes and aprons of the green

It is a rule of Whiteleaf Golf Club that all trolleys must have appropriate 'winter wheels' fitted when declared by the Green Keeping staff.

Restricted Trolley Use ('Exempted Trolleys Only')
Sometimes it will be necessary, for the safety of the staff and the users of the course, to restrict the use of trolleys due to the course and weather conditions. This will be declared by the Green Keeping staff, where conditions:
* Present Health and Safety issues
* Could lead to excess damage to the course

Where there is restricted trolley use, the only exemptions are Members and Visitors with a medical exemption certificate, where in the opinion of their doctor they are unable to play or have undue difficulty in playing golf without the use of a trolley because:
* They are suffering from a disability within the meaning of section 6 of the Equality Act 2010 or any statutory modification thereof; or
* Their medical or physical condition precludes the physical carrying of golf clubs for a full 18 hole round either permanently or long term; or
* Their medical or physical condition precludes the physical carrying of golf clubs for a full 18 hole round for a period specified by their doctor.

Total Trolley Ban
A total trolley ban will be applied to all players In circumstances where, in the opinion of the Green Keeping staff, the prevailing conditions, including amongst other factors, the course or parts of the course, the environment or the weather
* are unfit and/or unsafe for trolley use, or
* present Health and Safety issues for the users of trolleys, or other users of the course including our staff

Buggy Policy
From the 1st April 2019, following an independent risk assessment, the Club decided to introduce a buggy policy for both members and visitors. This provides for the use of 4 wheeled single seater buggies on certain areas of the course. The full details and "safety acknowledgement form" can be found on the link below
Buggy Policy
Please note that currently buggies cannot be used on holes 7, 8 & 9 (16, 17 & 18).

Buggy Policy