Juniors at Whiteleaf

We believe that encouraging youngsters to take up golf can teach them important lessons for life: patience, good manners, concentration, discipline and a desire to improve. We offer a very attractive rate for junior members, and even free membership where both parents are members.
Juniors are entitled to play during the week and weekend afternoons. In general, given all mornings tend to be busy juniors are encouraged to play in the afternoon. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed on the course unless accompanied and supervised by an adult who shall remain responsible for their safety and conduct at all times. Only junior members who are aware of the etiquette of golf and the responsibilities of all members to be aware of others on the course, and the need to play without delay to maintain their position on the course, should play without an adult member.

The Club organises group coaching sessions and junior roll-ups on certain Sunday afternoons.